Instructions for Becoming a Member of ACES

ACES is the operational name of a public entity composed of only Charter Schools, established by Charter Schools and for the benefit of the Charter Schools. To become a member, the Charter School must become a party to the Joint Powers Agreement to Establish the New Mexico Charter School Educational Service Association (JPA).

The process is easy as one – two – three:

  1. Download and read the attached Joint Powers Agreement. If this is something that you believe can be beneficial to your Charter School, have your Governing Board adopt and sign the final page of the attachment ‐ RESOLUTION OF CHARTER SCHOOL GOVERNING BOARD. The JPA is a living, growing document. This resolution approves becoming a party to the JPA and delegates to the Principal or Chief Educational Officer of your charter school the authority to approve certain amendments that may be made in the future;
  2. Enter the name of your Charter School on the Name of Institution line on page six under PARTIES TO THE AGREEMENT, sign your name on the signature line, enter the date signed on the date line, and print your name on the print name line;
  3. Mail the original of the RESOLUTION OF CHARTER SCHOOL GOVERNING BOARD and the original of the sixth page, PARTIES TO THE AGREEMENT, in an envelope or call or email either Bruce or Max and we will come get it.  Be certain to retain copies of both documents.

The cost is simple. As long as you are a member of the New Mexico Coalition for Charter Schools (NMCCS), there is NO COST. That’s right; there is no cost to join and no annual fee to obtain services if you are a NMCCS member. If you do not take advantage of the membership in NMCCS there is an annual fee of $250. Note that there may be a fee for the items and services provided, but there is no cost for membership in ACES.

If you have any questions or need additional information, contact the ACES Executive Director, Dr. Bruce Hegwer at (505) 242‐6092.

⇒ Download the ACES Membership Packet (PDF)