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Recognizing that students can’t learn if they are hungry, and realizing that implementing a cafeteria program that meets all of the nutritional, financial, and reporting requirements is a daunting task for a school, the ACES membership decided to seek a high quality, cost efficient method of providing a food program to students.

ACES issued a Request for Proposals (RFP), seeking vendors who have experience and a great track record of feeding students; yet meeting all of the student nutrition guidelines and reporting requirements in a cost-efficient manner. Through the competitive bid process, ACES selected Canteen of New Mexico and Swan Kitchens as the cafeteria/foods services vendors to recommend to charter schools.

Canteen of Central New Mexico

Canteen of Central New Mexico ( offers a variety of options and solutions to meet your food service needs. Based on the facilities you have, Canteen can prepare food from scratch on site or deliver hot meals straight to your campus. We offer menu planning for breakfast, lunch, snacks and dinner as well as prepare sack breakfasts and lunches for field trips. Canteen will be there to assist you in any way possible.  For districts/schools with on-site cooking facilities, Canteen will hire the staff to prepare, serve and track the meals offered at your facility.

They also have many resources available to the Administration to help meet the requirements under the National School Breakfast and Lunch Program. Their team of professionals can also help design an available open area to a functioning cooking area that meets the criteria of the Environmental Health Department.

Canteen of Central New Mexico offers all styles of food service programs that meet the requirements of the CACFP, National School Breakfast and Lunch Program, the various Summer Food Service Programs, as well as College/University feeding. Contact them today for more information at 505.344.3481. They would be happy to serve you.

Address: Canteen of Central New Mexico
4809 Hawkins NE
Albuquerque, New Mexico 87109
Telephone: 505.344.3481
Fax: 505.344.4192

Swan Kitchen

Swan Kitchen is an Albuquerque, NM catering company.  We take pride in serving regional and local meals year round.  We focus on seasonal ingredients made of the highest organic and natural qualities from local and regional farms.  We support Agricultura Network, a group of 14 organic farms in the South Valley, and La-Montanita Cooperative.  We believe healthy, delicious, clean food should be available to all. 

We serve our products to local charter schools, community supported agriculture groups and community centers in Albuquerque. 

Swan Kitchen is excited to start offering our children local, regional, fresh, clean, healthy options.  We look forward to providing chemical-free, nutritious lunches.

Swan Kitchen will offer freshly prepared vegetables and fruits that are chemical-free foods to keep bodies, minds and planets healthy and we will encourage more seasonal options.  We are parents to young children too and will present food in a way that appeals to children!

Our minimum for a full service lunch program is 120 students. We offer composting, recycling and nutritional education.  We also offer cold lunch delivery for schools that cannot meet the minimum for the full service.

Currently we feed 900 children a day!

For further information, please call Jessica Swan (505) 453-2704

NAMA Catering


Nama Catering makes healthy, house made, delicious meals using whole grain and whole wheat in breads and pastas.  As an added health and economic community benefit Nama Catering supports local farmers through the preferred purchase of local and organic ingredients.

Nama’s menu showcases a rainbow of seasonably available fresh fruits and vegetables, planned with food appeal and nutritional balance, and fully approved by the USDA. The goal of Nama Catering is to provide tasty, high quality nutritious meals with food variety. By feeding students “brain food” Nama seeks to enhance children’s learning, as well as physical and mental well-being by offering daily sound nourishment and tasty nutrition.

Meals are not previously prepared processed foods, but fresh non-institutional meals that reflect quality ingredients and superior taste.  Feedback from parents and students have yielded high praise for the taste of Nama’s meals.

Nama Catering specializes in food service to Albuquerque’s charter and private school community and has demonstrated well managed food operations for a broad representation of them.  As an experienced food service provider to the charter school community, Nama is knowledgeable about and compliant with the rigorous community charter school standards and food service requirements. 

Jamie Vachio


129 D Mountain Park Place NW

Albuquerque, New Mexico 87114

(505) 264-4758 cell

(505) 503-7928 office


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