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ACES, through a competitive bid process, can provide financial services provide low-cost and highly effective financial management services.

One of the keys to a successful charter school is having an accurate and complete financial management services system in place. From payroll to budgeting, to expenditure analysis, internal controls and audits, an ACES approved financial management system is paramount to ensuring school funds are appropriately accounted for. The mission of a quality financial management program is to see that every available dollar is used to support classroom instruction to its fullest.

ACES issued a Request for Proposals (RFP), seeking financial management services companies who meet the highest quality standards and experience to provide financial services to charter schools.   Having gone through a competitive bid process means that schools do not have to go through that process themselves; thus saving time and money.

Through this competitive bid and evaluation process, ACES selected SchoolAbility as the financial management services company to recommend to charter schools looking for a financial manager and management system.

AptAbility ( is a top-tier provider of school business related consulting and business office outsourcing services in California, Arizona, New Mexico, Nevada, and Texas. SchoolAbility provides a comprehensive suite of products and services to manage K-12 school district and charter school business office operations using a robust and secure financial management system.

SchoolAbility’s Data Analytics service empowers governing board members and administrators with the information they need to understand and manage their school’s financial position using interactive web-based dashboards with graphical representations of their financial record.

SchoolAbility is uniquely qualified to meet K-12 school district and charter school financial management needs with a dedicated team of experienced professionals for all phases of each project. Each project is supervised by Alfredo Diaz, the founder of Apta Software, Inc., the company that developed AptaFund which is used by many charter school.   Other members of the original Apta Software research, development, and implementation teams, as well as experienced AptaFund consultants, will be brought to each project on an as-needed basis.

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